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Blog and Retire is about blogging and online business tips, with a plethora of subtopics, such as social media.

Who Is Lisha Yost?

Lisha Yost is a self-made entrepreneur who has become an expert in the field of social media, getting traffic, and making income from blogging and online business. Lisha has written for 19 blogs, and is the Founder and Creator of “Blog and Retire University”.

She currently runs a social media management business, Twonder Woman, and runs three blogs (including this one!).

Lisha attended Point Loma Nazarene University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, Lisha met her husband, Kyle. In 2008, they got married, then bought, renovated, and sold a house for a $50,000 profit in the current recession.

In 2013, Lisha founded UpGusto Personal Development to help as many people as possible live their best life.

Lisha strives for excellence in everything she does and attempts anything that sparks an interest in her. She has been successful in everything that she’s tried, because she has a persistence that only a rare breed can match.

Lisha resides in San Diego, CA. with her husband and two cats.

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More About Blog and Retire and Making a Career Out of Blogging

With persistence and consistency, you can earn a solid living with a blog, you just need to know what to do.

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Thank you for joining me at Blog and Retire. I hope you learn something and benefit from the information and services I provide. Come back often because my guest blogging crew and I are always posting new informative articles and changing things up around here. Have a browse through the archives or simply check out the most popular posts (both of which you can find in the footer on every single page of the blog.

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What I Like to Do in My Spare Time

  • Go on hikes and bike rides
  • Go to the beach and swim in the ocean (and I recently picked up surfing)
  • Play guitar and write songs
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Eat
  • See new places
  • Research interesting things  – Before I graduated college I never thought I’d ever say I liked to research, but it really makes a difference when it’s something you’re interested in
  • Watch TV – Some of my favorite shows are The Office, Parks and Rec, The Middle, Modern Family, New Girl, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, Survivor, etc. I also like intense shows that make you think like Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards, and Mad Men. Every night, my husband and I watch our shows to relax and get into sleepy mode 🙂


Thanks for stopping by! Come Back Tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Lisha Yost

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