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The following articles were authored by aaronhopkins83

My 3 Top Tips to Gain More Brand Awareness

Over the years I have helped many businesses develop their marketing campaigns including SAS London, who are a digital agency in London.

One of the things I’ve come to realise is how little people know about brand awareness. In fact, many of the businesses I have worked with fail to realise what it even means. Contrary to popular belief brand awareness isn’t all about making people recognize

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3 Examples of Beautiful Parallax (Scrolling) Websites

If you still haven’t heard of parallax scrolling, there’s a good chance that you’re just about to, as it’s fast becoming the height of fashion in the world of web design.

By using parallax, companies are able to make their websites stand out from the crowd, drawing visitors deeper into their site and hopefully making it more successful as a result.

So if you’re still unconvinced about the

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The Power of Storytelling for the Success of a Brand

Each day we are savagely bombarded with numerous brands, adverts, and campaigns. For us, this is mandatory, and we end up overlooking most of them. When asked to mention our top favourite brands, we tend to fall upon the brands that we are familiar with and that suit our lifestyle. It is uncanny how much you can find out about a person when asking them this.

Iconic Brands

The bottom line, however, is that there

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10 Creative Ways to Make Your Desk Truly Unique

As with all types of interior and furniture design, desks have been the subject of much innovation and creativity throughout the years. From natural, fluid shapes to futuristic, ergonomic designs, desks come in all sizes and forms and bring a new slant to the design of the workspace.

1) Expandable space

If you have a small area in which to work and a flexible workforce, expandable desks could be just the kind

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