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The following articles were authored by Larry Alton

4 Tips to Start Your Own Travel Blog

So you love to travel? Then make the most of your passion by channeling it into a travel blog.

Blogging is a great way to write about what you love most … and maybe even make a bit of money while you’re at it. If you’re ready to create your own blog, you’ll need to think about a few things first.

Here are four tips for starting your own travel blog.

1. Determine why

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4 Tips for the Success of Your Home Blog

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where the bloggers are, as home blogs are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’ve created a home blog just for fun, or as a possible full-time job, you should know there is a lot of competition out there for readers. But with the right approach, your blog can quickly become popular. Here are four tips for your home blog:

1. Be relatable

<p style="text-align

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How to Write Better Blog Posts

Are you trying to improve your blog? Start with your posts!

While you may be trying to build an audience through SEO techniques, it may be time to focus on writing better blog posts instead. This can help you bring in more readers and improve the overall quality of your blog.

To make some positive changes, follow these tips to write better posts.

Start with a great title


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3 Things You Must Know If You Want Your Blog to Make Money

Everyone wants to make more money, especially bloggers. Many bloggers dream of suddenly becoming the most-popular, most-read blog around. The money streams in left and right, and you can quit your day job and go about saving the world one blog post at a time.

However, that doesn’t happen for everyone. Blogging is much more than putting your thoughts in writing, posting

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3 Tips to Get Plenty of Blog Comments

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. From Hollywood celebrities to your neighborhood auto mechanic, blogging not only gives people a personal voice on the Web, but it can be a great marketing tool for one’s business as well.

Whether you have an established blog or are just starting one, every blogger wants to receive lots of comments. They can be a source

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5 Blogospheric Tips for Newbie Bloggers

The term “weblog” was first coined by America’s first blogger, Jorn Barger, in 1997. It was then shortened to “blog” and was used as both a noun and verb, by Evan Williams at Pyra Labs in 1999. This writing format evolved from online diaries, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives.

Today, blogs can be written on

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The 3 Basic Steps for the New Business Startup

If you have a new business but you’re having trouble making it grow, don’t worry; every new business goes through start-up issues. The challenges include such things as learning what to say and what not to say, designing just the right catchy logo, and carving your niche in the right sector of the market.

Most new businesses must go through the fire before

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3 Reasons to Have Multimedia on Your Blog (and How to Do It)

As a blogger, you’re probably looking for new ways to improve your site. It’s easy to feel stuck, either because you’re tired of maintaining your blog or it feels like you’ve hit a plateau and aren’t bringing in any new readers.

If that’s the case– or if you’re just looking for ways to expand your blog– you should look at adding new kinds of

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