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The following articles were authored by MarilynThompson

Focus on a Small Piece of a Big Niche

I’m sure you’ve read before that there’s a lot of money to be made as an online marketer. But let me tell you, whenever you read anything that starts out with wording like that – run!

Run as fast and as far as you can because the only people making money with that line are the scammers. It is true though that you can make money as an online marketer, but it takes time and it takes work. For

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Do You Know the Lingo of Your Niche Audience?

A few years back there was a syndicated game show called “Lingo”, maybe you watched it. I was quite a fan as I enjoy just about any type of word game. On the show, contestants battled to solve 5-letter word puzzles.

When it comes to your blog or niche website, your battle with lingo is no game. Instead it is very serious. Now that’s not to say you can’t have fun with your site, it simply

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Finding the Search Engine’s Positive Buttons

We all know that simply creating fabulous blog post content on a regular basis is not enough. In order to have a successful blog you have to have traffic. You have to have an audience. If not, well then you’re simply writing for friends and family, presuming they’re still reading.

And even if they are, they’re not your true audience are they? If you’re blogging for money they’re probably

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Will a Lame Domain Name Sabotage Your Blog?

How much time do you spend coming up with a domain name for your new site? Do you spend hours sorting out keyword research and checking competition or do you go with your gut instinct and grab a domain name that sounds like a good fit.

There are many things that will make your blog or website a winner. We all know that it must have:

  • Unique, quality content to draw repeat visitors and lure in loyal readers and of course, the coveted search engines
  • Increasing amounts of traffic so that your brilliant writing can be read and appreciated
  • Something to sell whether you have your own products or you opt to go with someone else’s product as an affiliate

But what if you have a lame domain name?

How do you know

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