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The following articles were authored by soniajackson

15 Common Blogging Mistakes That May Be Wasting Your Audience’s Time

A blogger is supposed to care for his or her readers. A successful blog is powered by repeat visitors. Very rarely can a successful blog rely solely on new viewers all the time. The older and more popular blogs have the same people coming back every week. This list is in no particular order, but if you want to know the biggest mistake that people make, it’s related to repeat visitors and is point

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7 Ultimate Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Theme (topic) for Your Blog

Before I get into this post, WordPress has confused this issue a little by calling their blog templates themes. For the record, this article is about the theme of your blog in terms of what it is all about, the subject, the ambiance, the voice of your writing, the central message of your blog… the literary sense of the word “theme”. This post is not about the thousands of WordPress

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15 Writing Tips Every Web Designer Should Know (even if you’re not a web designer you should read this)

If you are going to write anything at all, you should do your research first. This is the first step to any writing situation, and it is followed by a plan for your content. Here are fifteen tips to help you write for your own websiteto make the most of your written work and get the results you’re looking for.

1. The title is very important for the user and the search engines

You have to spend a bit of time picking a good one. You want one that is going to

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