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Are You A Blogger Who Wants More Traffic?

I have a soft spot in my heart for bloggers.

Why? Because I am one.

I don’t blog as much as I used to since I’ve been helping people with their social media, but I understand the importance of blogging, and I know how awesome the combination of blogging and twittering can be to get more traffic. So, at the beginning of 2016, I started offering 20% off my Twitter services to bloggers.


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How to Stay Safe While Marketing Online

While blogging started as a popular way to journal your feelings either publicly or privately, it has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry that people can easily live off of with the right tools and strategies. What can be better than writing about your passions and then partnering up with companies to review

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How to Curate and Create Amazing Content in the Digital Era

The creation of content has never been so abundant in human history. In fact, every day there are more than 500 million tweets and 3 million new blog posts published.

Some bloggers might even think that it is no longer about the pure creation of content, but finding it on the web, modifying and adapting it to their public. They are actually dedicating their jobs to content curation and adaptation

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9 Killer Tips to Help You Increase Your Blog Traffic

A popular blog is the dream of every blogger. Blogs have become a reliable source of income if you can accrue the numbers, and most bloggers spend sleepless nights planning on their next moves in quest for a slice of the cake. Many have tasted success, many are yet to, and some may never see it unless they rethink their strategies. Below, I’ll discuss 9 killer tricks that should win

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The Power of Storytelling for the Success of a Brand

Each day we are savagely bombarded with numerous brands, adverts, and campaigns. For us, this is mandatory, and we end up overlooking most of them. When asked to mention our top favourite brands, we tend to fall upon the brands that we are familiar with and that suit our lifestyle. It is uncanny how much you can find out about a person when asking them this.

Iconic Brands

The bottom line, however, is that there

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The Benefits of Being a Professional Blogger

For every one of us, the time comes when routine makes us sick and we start trying to think of things to do instead that will not restrict us like 9 to 5. One of the most common considered alternatives is professional blogging.

Blogging is interesting and exciting as a hobby. However, if you’re going to think about it professionally, you’ll need to treat it as a job, or a business. The best

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4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

Nowadays, the use of a blog can be extremely beneficial, not just to regular people, but even more especially to business owners.

It is an extremely wise decision to build a blog whether your business is based on the internet or not. There are better chances for you to achieve business growth if you have a blog to market yourself and gain more attention from your past and potential customers.


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