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How to Make The Changes That Always Lead to Success

You may have been going through lots of roller-coaster rides lately. This could be divorce, bad finances, drugs, alcohol, disappointments, lost job, and more.

Although, life is full of ups and downs, inside this same world, many have gone from being unhappy to living in happiness, unfilled to fulfillment, and misery to financial freedom. How did they achieve these things? These people made some changes

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3 Day Weekends… Forever?

It’s time to make a major change in the American workplace. It’s time to make the move to three-day weekends. For everyone. Forever.

And I don’t mean working four 10-hour days, either. Eight hours is enough. Thirty-two hours is plenty to devote to production – whatever your job is – in any given week. I’m not just saying this because I want everyone to have an extra

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