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3 Day Weekends… Forever?

It’s time to make a major change in the American workplace. It’s time to make the move to three-day weekends. For everyone. Forever.

And I don’t mean working four 10-hour days, either. Eight hours is enough. Thirty-two hours is plenty to devote to production – whatever your job is – in any given week. I’m not just saying this because I want everyone to have an extra

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Top 5 Free List and Task Management Tools

Today’s fast-paced work environment demands breakneck productivity, but keeping up with all the tasks you have to complete in a single day – let alone a week or month – can prove to be an arduous task in itself.

Enter list and task management software. These tools aim to make it easy to keep track of everything you have to get done, so you can quickly review your agenda and ensure you’re

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How to Run an Effective Online Business Part Three

Hi Friends,

This is a multiple part series on How to Run an Effective Online Business. Click below to read one of the previous parts in the series:

Part One – Have a Plan

Part Two – Prioritize… Don’t Procrastinate

Part Three – Write Your To-Do List

One of the best changes I ever made in my daily schedule was to write down tomorrow’s to-do list tonight. At the end of

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Time Management and Productivity

How To Be Productive When You Work At Home Online

One problem I find many people have who work at home trying to earn income online is time management and productivity. The internet is so distracting, so if you work on the internet, there are a lot of distractions. Most people at most computer related jobs spend more of their time browsing the internet on the job than actually doing their job

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