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How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed URL

A quick post today just to explain how to get the rss feed url of a YouTube channel as of September 17, 2015. Google may change this at any time (as they love to do, to frustrate people to the max), but this is the most current way to get the rss feed of a youtube channel as of today’s date.

1. Simply go to the youtube channel for which you’d like the rss feed url.

2. Copy the User ID

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What The Heck Is An RSS Feed?

Don’t know what an RSS feed or feed URL is? I’ve been getting this question a lot lately from new bloggers. It is kind of a foreign thing if you’re new to blogging, or haven’t been much of a blog reader up until now. Because I’m the queen of blogging (lol) I decided to give a little explanation to help those of you who are lost on this subject, because by understanding

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32 Free RSS Feed Directories that Work

Hi Friends,

I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far and that you got some time to rest, meditate, and have some fun.

Today I wanted to give you a compilation of all the RSS Feed directories that you can submit your blog to, so it’s all in one place. It is very important to submit your blog to these sites because it creates a backlink and it has the potential to send traffic over to your blog

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RSS Directories Give Your Blog Better SEO

Today is RSS Tuesday. Yep. We’re switching it up this week. Normally we have RSS Sunday, but life has been busy as you all can understand. However, I still managed to collect a few great places to submit your blog to and I’m giving these secrets away to you today! Yippee!

RSS feed directories are important because they do a number of things. The give you a backlink, which supposedly Google

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RSS Sunday #3 – 5 Free and Easy RSS Submission Sites

Hey Friends,

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Question: Which football team are you rooting for? (Comment below). I have to say that I’m not too particular, but since I live in San Diego, I am loyal to the Chargers…

Enough football talk. Now on to the reason you came: RSS Sunday!!!

Here are this weeks 5 Free and Easy RSS Feed Directories to submit your blog to. Remember to do this each

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RSS Sunday – 5 Easy RSS Feed Directories

It’s time for RSS Sunday! I give you the 5 best RSS Feed Directories every Sunday.

Submitting your blog to feed directories gives you better Search Engine Ranking and helps people find your blog all around the internet, making your blog more accessible. The more feed directories your blog is connected to the better. However, make sure you only submit your blog to one feed directory per day

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10 Easy RSS Directories to Submit Your Blog

It is important to submit the RSS feed URL of your blog to as many RSS feed directories as possible. This creates backlinks, better search engine ranking, and a way for others to see your blog from other websites. Here are 10 of the easiest sites to submit your RSS feed URL to. Some of these sites you need to sign up for, others you need to post a button or link to their site somwhere on your blog

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