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Intuit Launches Free Online Resource for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Millions of businesses are started each year, but only about two-thirds of them make it through the first two years alive! Speaking from personal experience, starting your first successful business can come with a lot of unforeseen obstacles. When I first tried blogging and internet marketing, my first 10 blogs or so flopped! I had no idea what I was doing! Fortunately, you won’t have to go

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Individuality for Design Lovers – Plus, How to Start Crowdfunding With a Bang

Apple is famous for refined design and user experience, thought through into great detail. Most users of a MacBook are happy with their laptop. However, some would like to add a more personal touch to it. The reason many MacBook owners refrain form decorating their device with stickers, is the concern that these might leave residue behind when trying to remove them.

The Birth of the Customized Glowing MacBook Lid Image

My brother, Bernhard, and I set

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5 Groups Your Small Business Should Join This Year

One thing many small-businesses owners soon learn is that going it alone is tough. Some of the most difficult aspects of operating a small business as a sole entrepreneur, partnership, or single private owner are growth and decision-making. Getting your name out there, establishing a satisfied customer base, and making the right decisions to fuel short- and long-term business growth can be difficult

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Why Small Businesses Need Good PR

My hometown is nestled among a grouping of small, tight-knit communities that collectively feature right around 600 small businesses. Of those 600 businesses, I’d say maybe 10 engage in strategic public relations. The rest… well, they either don’t know how to go about PR or they simply don’t see the importance of it. I write a ton of press releases for my clients, so I have

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FBF Sunday! Neuerspace! A Cool New Blog

As many of you may have come to realize, I do not put myself above anyone or anything. No matter how new a blogger is, that doesn’t mean said blogger doesn’t have something of value to share. We can all learn things from each other in this life.

I am also not snobby about people who use free blogging platforms. I even created my own free wordpress blogging platform that you can join at

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