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7 Ultimate Tips and Tricks to Choose the Best Theme (topic) for Your Blog

Before I get into this post, WordPress has confused this issue a little by calling their blog templates themes. For the record, this article is about the theme of your blog in terms of what it is all about, the subject, the ambiance, the voice of your writing, the central message of your blog… the literary sense of the word “theme”. This post is not about the thousands of WordPress

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How to Keep Your WordPress Blog from Being Hacked [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently, a friend of mine, Ron, contacted me because he had a hacking problem on his blog. Someone (or many people) were creating a bunch of users on his blog and publishing spam posts. It was really horrible. Almost daily there would be a new spam post up on his blog, which is really bad for the reputation of the blog, since people might be subscribed to his blog posts.

I did a bunch of research

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Most Popular WordPress Plugins [INFOGRAPHIC]

Welcome back to Infographic Week Day Three!

Today’s infographic is brought to us by Take a look at the most widely used WordPress plugins. Choose ones that might help make your blogging life easier and add them to your blog.

*Brought to you by

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Most Popular WordPress Premium Themes [INFOGRAPHIC]

This week is infographic week, and I’ll be sharing 4 infographics with you, each brought to us by a different contributor.

Today’s infographic is brought to us by WordPress Templates and it’s about the most popular premium WordPress themes that help make your site run faster, look better, and have better SEO. Take a look:

*Brought to you by WordPress Templates.

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How to Hide a WordPress Post or Page From Search Engines

If you don’t want a page on your blog to be indexed and visible to the whole world on search engines like Google, then you need to upload a plugin (that’s the easiest way).

There are two plugins and they both work basically the same way. It’s really all a matter of whether you like a drop down box to select options, or just clicking those little round buttons next to options.


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How to Password Protect a WordPress Post or Page

If you are offering content only to certain people (this could be family, certain friends, paid members, etc), you may want to password protect the page, so that only those you give permission to can see the page.

You can do this easily in WordPress.

When you’re in edit mode for a post or a page, in the right sidebar under “Publish” you will see “Visibility”. Click on Edit and choose “Password protected”. Then choose a password and click OK.

If you are creating a page, you can also make it so there is no sidebar. This is appropriate for paid member content, so there will only be the necessary content the member paid for, and no ads or distractions. To do this, in edit mode, in the right sidebar, you will see “Page Attributes” (make sure you click on that so it opens up if it’s not already). Under Template click the drop down where it says “Default Template” and choose “No Sidebar”.

Write out your post or page as usual and click Publish.

You can now give your password to the appropriate people who you wish to view the page.

How to Remove “Protected” from Title

Now, when you go to your password protected page and you enter the password, the page title says “Protected: [your page title]”.

In order to get rid of the word “Protected” on a password protected page in WordPress, go to your dashboard, under Appearance, click on Editor, on the right sidebar, click Theme Functions (functions.php).

Copy this code:

add_filter('protected_title_format', 'blank'); function blank($title) { return '%s'; } function the_title_trim($title) { $title = attribute_escape($title); $findthese = array( '#Protected:#', '#Private:#' ); $replacewith = array( '', // What to replace "Protected:" with '' // What to replace "Private:" with ); $title = preg_replace($findthese

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Creating Backlinks and Other Updates

I have been creating backlinks to my various blogs on other websites and other blogs.

You first have to have enough content on your blogs and get some minor web traffic flowing before you head to the big guys. So what I’ve been doing is searching my topic in Google + blog. I go to the second and third pages and I post comments on those blogs. After awhile I will post comments on blogs that

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