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One Way Reading a Competitor’s Blog Can Help You Succeed

So you’re thinking of starting a blog. You’ve chosen your niche and you have all these great plans about how you’re going to become an authority, and how you’re going to have thousands of subscribers. You daydream about make a living from just selling products from your blog, whether it’s through e-books, courses or consulting. Maybe all of the above. Read More

6 Types of Blogs People Love to Read

There are millions of blogs out there. Just take a look at the header above, here at Blog and Retire!

If you have a blog, you’ve probably asked yourself many times, ‘Why are some of them so damn popular and the others are not?’. Of course, the success of your blog depends on how serious you are about making it amazing.

You know the important points, like publishing high-quality content

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Master Your Mindset and Become a Productive Professional Income Blogger [FREE BONUSES INSIDE]

What is the most difficult thing about being a blogger? Ask any blogger, and most will say trying to juggle everything that being a blogger entails. There is so much to do and so little time. So I wanted to introduce something to you that will definitely help bring everything into focus and get your blogging on track so you stop wasting your time, and start doing the right things at the right time

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5 Ways to Create Great Blog Content

This is a guest post by Alex Theis.

Ever have trouble coming up with blog content? Does the thought of consistently blogging every week or several times a week keep you from starting a blog? Here are a few tips to help make sure you always have great, relevant content for your blog.

Write several blogs at once

Set aside time to write multiple blogs at once. It can be easier to write when you’re on a roll. This can be really

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Optimizing Your Blog Post From Top To Bottom

This is a guest post by Judene.

Writing high-quality content can get you readers and will surely keep trolls and those grammar Nazis away. Sadly, this alone doesn’t guarantee traffic to come rushing into your blog. Your post needs to be on the top 10 results of search engines to attract traffic. To make that happen, you ought to optimize your blog post from head to toe or in this case, from its

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Photos, Videos, Infographics. Oh My!

This is a guest post by Jordan Mendys.

One thing that is great for any blog, no matter the topic, is the use of media. For most, pictures typically suffice as they can often help clarify the point a blogger is making, or they at least add something extra to the post. Not to mention, most readers will not be attracted to words on a blank background, and if you’re trying to increase your traffic

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10 Tips For Writing Your Own Blog

This is a guest post by Vinny Michaels.

Writing your own blog can be a fun way to practice writing. Depending on how good you are, you may even be able to make some money. There are a lot of blogs out there, so competition for your viewing eyes is fierce. But even writers who are not great have a chance to be well read. Here are 10 tips on writing your own blog.


A lot of people will put out a blog

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