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Posts tagged blogger to wordpress redirect

Blog and Retire Case Study Week 46

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What is the Blog and Retire case study?

What’s in It and What Did I Do?

If you have a blogspot blog, it’s time you got your own domain. If you’ve been blogging with Blog and Retire for 46 weeks, by now you should have a good enough foundation, and even be making the money to pay for your own <a href="

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5 Steps to Blogger to WordPress Import, Migration, and Redirect

Back when I redirected my own blog from blogspot to my own domain with WordPress, I said I would outline the steps it takes to redirect a blogspot blog to your own self-hosted WordPress blog. Well, it’s taken me a few months, but I am finally living up to my promise.

This step-by-step guide will not only redirect your blogger posts seamlessly to your wordpress posts, but also it will keep all

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Blog Redesign – Blogger to WordPress Redirect

After using blogger and wordpress for different blogs, I’ve decided that I like wordpress more. Mostly because Google is not my favorite company in the world right now, and also because I am just more comfortable with the wordpress platform, and editing wordpress templates. I’m not talking about having a free blog. I’m talking about a “self-hosted” wordpress

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