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Posts tagged business tips

Calling It Quits, Closing Down Shop, and Learning From Your Mistakes

This is a guest post by Maxime.

The decision to start a business is never easy, and the decision to end it can be even more difficult. Still, entrepreneurs closing their small businesses aren’t alone.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey published earlier this year, only 44% of small businesses make it

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Could CRM Software Make Your Marketing More Effective?

This is a guest post by Mike.

In the world of business, companies of all sizes and across all industries are relentlessly trying to find new ways to market themselves and reach a wider audience, marketing is a competitive practice and right now being effective is more important than ever.

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

But as a small business owner it can be pretty overwhelming knowing what to do, and

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Top 5 Secrets of Every Young Successful Entrepreneur

This is a guest post by JonJon.

There are a good and growing number of entrepreneurs who are making a success of what they want to do. However, for every Richard Branson and Jack Dorsey, there are thousands of one-man-bands and wannabe business owners who are floundering in the seas of commerce. What is it that the most <a href="

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Grow Your Business Online with These 5 Useful Strategies

This is a guest post by Austin.

Every businessman wants to grow his business. If you want your business to flourish then you need to bring it online in order to increase the visibility and awareness of your business. Follow these tips and enjoy the profits.

Get your business online

The first tip to flourish your business is that your business should have a website and you need to make sure your website is present, up-to-date

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Consultant Role in Outsourcing – Save Time, Reduce Risk

This is a guest post by Emma.

Outsourcing today has moved beyond from just carrying out an organization’s back-end processes to a knowledge-intensive industry. From IT and software services to logistics and distribution and back-office HR processes, the business process outsourcing is expanding across verticals. The industry’s horizons are now extending to knowledge process outsourcing and legal

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Interesting Stats on Consumer Surveying [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve got another great infographic for you here today!

Today’s infographic is brought to us by Sample Survey. Surveys are a very common way for businesses to find out more about what their customer or potential customer wants, and for good reason; Most people who are asked by a business to complete a survey, actually become a

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Effective Plans to Help You Progress In Your Online Business

This is a guest post by Alicia.

Just having an online business is not enough to gain online business success, it involves a lot more work. You need to have a plan and be committed to your online business, and most importantly you need the funding to make a winning business and effective business plan that can lead you to success. Here I am stipulating some tips that can help you to create an effective

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Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips

This is a guest post by Kate Ford.

The internet has become a major factor contributing towards business advertisement and internet marketing tips are designed to boost your business. They can promote your business, advertise your product, and can also expand your services online. This is the most inexpensive way to promote your website. Here are some internet marketing tips that help you to promote

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