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Posts tagged crowdfunding

Individuality for Design Lovers – Plus, How to Start Crowdfunding With a Bang

Apple is famous for refined design and user experience, thought through into great detail. Most users of a MacBook are happy with their laptop. However, some would like to add a more personal touch to it. The reason many MacBook owners refrain form decorating their device with stickers, is the concern that these might leave residue behind when trying to remove them.

The Birth of the Customized Glowing MacBook Lid Image

My brother, Bernhard, and I set

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Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Fundraising Campaign

This is a guest post by Sandip.

The growth of online fundraising (more recently known as ‘crowdfunding’) has been immense thanks to the most of the developed world now being connected via social networks and with it being so easy to make payments online.

But how can you take advantage as an Internet marketer, blogger or small business owner?

The first method is simple. If you have a funding need

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