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Posts tagged email marketing

How to Create A Successful Automated Marketing Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

Copyblogger recently wrote 8 Smart Ways to Combine Blogging with Email Marketing for Best-Selling Results and in response to that we wanted to share a follow up post with this awesome infographic we found by Matt Wesson at that lays out the steps that explain the steps for a successful automated marketing campaign.

A successful marketing campaign includes blogging, social media, email

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The Difference Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Email marketing is literally just the process of educating (in a forcible way) the people on your mail list. Marketing automation is about removing a lot of the burden of marketing, of which some form of email marketing may be used. If you are in business and want to do a little online marketing, then this article may help you because it goes into a few details about email marketing and marketing

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10 Words in E-mail Subject Lines Readers Respond Well To

Effectively grabbing readers simply through the subject line of an e-mail is proving to be more and more difficult as filtering technology becomes more refined. There are typically 5 categories to choose from when you’re selecting the right words for your subject line. The more muscular your choice, the greater your outcome may be.


Merely using the words “review” and “update”

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3 Important Ways and Reasons to Use Email Marketing

More business owners are realizing the importance of email marketing for their business. There is more competition in the marketplace which makes it critically important for a business to remain in the minds, and in front of the eyes, of customers. Here are some of the main reasons why many business owners are participating in email marketing.

Stay In Touch with Customers

Email marketing lets customers know about any upcoming

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MailChimp Free RSS Email Subscription Service and How to Use It for Your Blog

I heard a few months ago that FeedBurner RSS service was going to stop working in June. I’m not sure if that’s 100% fact, but either way it could happen in the future, so if that’s the case, we need to have another option. I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer to get updates about the blogs I read via email because I’m more likely to check my email each day

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Are Your Email Marketing Techniques Letting You Down?

This is a guest post by Daniel.

You have 1,091 new messages!

We’ve all opened our email inboxes at some point in time to find legions of emails that are eagerly awaiting our response. Many of these emails however, are so poorly written or far too general to form any sort of relationship between the sender and ourselves.

As recipients, many of us will ignore these types of emails; we are rarely given an incentive to open them

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How to Ensure Your Marketing Emails Are Opened By Potential Customers

This is a guest post by Ruth Hinds.

Email marketing can be an extremely effective tool for business owners. Sending messages directly to the inboxes of existing and potential customers has obvious benefits, and can convert well into sales and enquiries.

One of the most important questions though, is how do you ensure your emails are opened by the recipients? We all receive masses of emails each and

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Top 10 Tips on How to Email Market Effectively

This is a guest post by Marjorie Salmerón.

Nowadays, anyone with a website or a social media account such as Facebook, is told that it’s not enough just to have visitors or fans, but that “the money’s in the list”. Of course, an email list is what they are referring to–yet most of us have no idea how to email market effectively to even take advantage of such a list!


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