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Posts tagged how to use twitter

7 Tips For Sharing Articles On Twitter

This is a guest post by Austin.

As we all know that the popularity of Social Networking Sites is increasing day by day. There are numerous social sites but among those sites, the most important social sites which are in demand now-a-days. These three are-Twitter, Linked in and Facebook. Different users use these social networking sites for different purposes. Simple uses include making friends and

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Using Twitter for Local Word of Mouth

This is a guest post by Maria.

Twitter has been one of the most popular social networks for several years. With a simple to use design and network friendly environment, it’s ideal for businesses and brands of every size and genre. Some use it to promote while others use it to listen in and get the latest scoop in their industry.

However, it is good to note that Twitter is very large and being populated

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Twitter Advice for Small Business Owners

This is a guest post by Dragan at

Can you find a way to say, “Twitter is an excellent method for promoting your small business’ products and services and increasing your book of business, but only if you know how to use the microblogging service correctly,” in 140 characters or less? If you can think of a way to pare it down, then you’re well on your way to using

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