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Posts tagged inspiration

How to Make The Changes That Always Lead to Success

You may have been going through lots of roller-coaster rides lately. This could be divorce, bad finances, drugs, alcohol, disappointments, lost job, and more.

Although, life is full of ups and downs, inside this same world, many have gone from being unhappy to living in happiness, unfilled to fulfillment, and misery to financial freedom. How did they achieve these things? These people made some changes

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The Best Things in Life Are Basic (Including in Business)

My mom sent me a letter in the mail with a couple quotes on it. One read “When in doubt, go to the beach.” I live about a block from the beach and my mom is all about health and destressing, so this one was not a surprise coming from her.

The other quote said, “The best things in life are basic.”

That one really resonated with me. I looked it up to see who it was attributed

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Go Offline: Why It’s Important to Live Your Life Outside the Internet

It’s so hard to get offline these days.

Honestly speaking, who hasn’t gotten through a day without checking their social media accounts, watching videos on Youtube, uploading pictures, or reading the news through the Internet? The World Wide Web is now indeed a part of our daily lives, that it’s hard to imagine a day without going online.

Online life also translates to work life

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Five Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

This is a guest post by Giulia Simolo.

You had an amazing idea for an article, blog or story. Your fingers were happily racing across the keyboard, when it happened out of the blue. Suddenly, the thought hit you: ‘Where on earth do I go from here?’ The blinking cursor on the screen is taunting you. All you can think is, ‘Now what?’

Writer’s block is frustrating and sometimes

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Shout Out to “Pics with Words”

Our latest sponsor here at Blog and Retire is the mightily encouraging, inspirational, and downright fun blog called Pics with Words

One of their latest posts is Just Smile – “Smile – It will either warm their heart or piss them off – either way, you win!”

Check it out to see what else they’ve got. New pics with words added daily, even multiple times a day. Get

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