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Giveaway! Google Ads Credit! Get More Exposure to Your Site!

I’m hosting a giveaway here at Blog and Retire! You have one week to enter and you can enter multiple ways each day until the end of the giveaway. Each entry task gives you another entry and ups your chances to win.

This giveaway starts right now and goes until Wednesday June 4th, 2014 at 11:59pm PST.

I have a Google Ads Credit that I am going to give to the winner for free. You get

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Finding the Search Engine’s Positive Buttons

We all know that simply creating fabulous blog post content on a regular basis is not enough. In order to have a successful blog you have to have traffic. You have to have an audience. If not, well then you’re simply writing for friends and family, presuming they’re still reading.

And even if they are, they’re not your true audience are they? If you’re blogging for money they’re probably

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Why SEO Is Important for Blogging Success

If your blog is something more than a hobby – if you want it to be a go-to source for information and/or a viable source of income – you have to understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). And you need to know how to optimize your blog so that it is one of the top results in an organic (that is, unpaid) search.

Knowing SEO only makes sense; after all, with over 164 million

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How to Properly Use SEO Strategies to Rank Higher in Search Engines

Do you know what SEO is? If not, you aren’t going to do well marketing your company on the Internet. While showing up in search results doesn’t guarantee an increase in traffic, you can guarantee that you won’t be found at all if you don’t rank for the right keywords.

Beginning small business owners tend to think that SEO is all about stuffing keywords or properly mapping

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Why Localized SEO Is So Important

This is a guest post by

One of the most important things that one can do when trying to grow their business is promote within their own community. Doing so allows them to gain a bigger influence in that community and thus do well with them.

Local SEO services help make this happen. People who use SEO services are almost always going to have a better website than those who do not.

SEO is simply

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6 Awesome SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogging alone is just a platform where you can post information and ideas, so you need to promote it for your ideas to be heard. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of a very popular acronym in the sphere of Internet marketing – SEO. What does it mean? Some bloggers out there just want to share their thoughts or ideas with others, find like-minded thought leaders, because blogging for them

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Why Should an SEO Look for Business Offline?

This is a guest post by Bright and Local.

Whether you are a freelance SEO or you are working for an agency within the industry, you will be under no illusions as to just how competitive the industry is. A quick Google search for SEO companies brings up almost 63 million results. Most SEOs will talk about the importance of reaching page one of the search results, and throw out the statistics about

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