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Posts tagged SEO

What to Do If You’ve Been Affected by Penguin

This is a guest post by Pearce.

Remain calm. The world has not ended and you do not have to completely give up on Google.

Have a cup of coffee and let’s take a real look at what happened.

You expected a little sawtooth from the Google Penguin update; after all, it usually happens after every update and was quite apparent during the Panda update, which your website somehow survived. However, Penguin

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SEO and Online Marketing Basics

This is a guest post by Sachin.


SEO and Internet Marketing go hand in hand if a company or business wishes to promote the product or service it offers to a great extent. Creating relevant and encouraging links to your website via blogs, social networking sites helps in increasing your internet marketing and brand awareness. A website’s online marketing strategies should be designed so that their

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How To Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly

This is a guest post by Mary.

Most “netizens” or internet citizens would want to air out their two cents’ worth in almost every article that they come across or every forum that they encounter about a certain topic or issue, whether they are socially relevant or just juicy morsels of gossip. People have this uncanny tendency to communicate their thoughts out in whatever form or medium possible

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Using Long-Tail Keywords to Promote Your Blog

This is a guest post by Lisa Shoreland.

By now you know that using keywords in your blog is a cornerstone of search-engine optimization (SEO) and propelling your blog to the top of search results for your target audience. However, not all keywords are created equal.

There are primary, broad keywords that use one or two words in your niche. For example, this could be “blogging” or “freelance

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The Importance of Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Business

This is a guest post by George Alford.

Having an internet marketing strategy in place is a necessity if you want to make a success out of your online business. It is going to be very difficult for your online business to find a place in the global markets in the absence of proper internet

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How to Successfully Land Fantastic Backlinks

This is a guest post by Hannah.

Any SEO professional will tell you that links will always remain dominant in the SEO world. Think about it for a second. If you we didn’t have links as a signal, how the heck would a search engine determine if you were credible enough? Sure you can use social signals and word of mouth, but a search engine really doesn’t have that much access to that data. I

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How to Write Effective SEO Content

This is a guest post written by Pamela Jones at SEO Freelance Writing.

With all the Google Panda and Penguin changes, it’s more important now than ever to write high quality SEO content that will attract visitors to your website or blog. No matter what your web business or blog is about, when it comes to having an online presence, you must have content that is more than “average.”

It must be

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