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Posts tagged web design

3 Key Components of Web Design that Will Stay Relevant

For businesses that rely on their websites to bring in clients, web design is an extremely important factor in attracting potential customers.

While the field of web design is very vast, there are basic ground rules that apply to each aspect of web designing which influence and dictate the trends – both currently and for the future. Let’s take a look at some of the rudiments of web design that

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3 Examples of Beautiful Parallax (Scrolling) Websites

If you still haven’t heard of parallax scrolling, there’s a good chance that you’re just about to, as it’s fast becoming the height of fashion in the world of web design.

By using parallax, companies are able to make their websites stand out from the crowd, drawing visitors deeper into their site and hopefully making it more successful as a result.

So if you’re still unconvinced about the

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4 Different Stages for Perfect Website Development

Whether it is just to promote your company’s contact information using a banner, or to increase the visibility of your e-commerce site, every business needs a website nowadays, to establish an online presence.

While web development is a conveniently accessible way to market your products/services, many business owners are uncertain about the development process of a website. Like any other construction

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Favorite Sponsors Friday – July Edition

I like to feature Blog and Retire’s sponsors in a special post each month.

This month we have two awesome sponsors that you should go check out:

Mark Hawkins Design


Single Mom Weekly

Go check these sites out now and see what they’re up to!

A special thank you to our sponsors! We couldn’t do it without you!

And without the readers, there wouldn’t be sponsors, so I’d

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