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Posts tagged writing tips

9 Real Reasons Why Readers Reject What You Write

This is a guest post by Anthony Dejolde.

There are many reasons why readers might reject what you write. Some of the reasons might be: your topic is not the one they need, the way you present is boring, the information you offer has been tackled many times by many writers, so they think they have all the information they need, they just don’t like your style (this one really hurts), they don’t

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4 Effective Internet Article Marketing Tips for Beginners

This is a guest post by Mary.

Everyone has a writer inside of their hearts, whether they can write grammatically correct sentences, or correctly spell and use appropriate words. Each one has a story to tell and those stories can be communicated through whatever medium they prefer, be it in the spoken or the written form. Although everyone and anyone can write their thoughts and opinions, not everyone

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Free Online Writing Advice for English Students and Professionals Alike

This is a guest post by Mariana Ashley.

Writing is something we all can afford to get better at. Whether you are writing for a school paper, a personal blog or a professional business, good grammar, punctuation, spelling and technique is important for standing apart in today’s competitive world.

Many people like to think that they learned everything they need to know about writing in grade school

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