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How to Get a YouTube Channel’s RSS Feed URL

A quick post today just to explain how to get the rss feed url of a YouTube channel as of September 17, 2015. Google may change this at any time (as they love to do, to frustrate people to the max), but this is the most current way to get the rss feed of a youtube channel as of today’s date.

1. Simply go to the youtube channel for which you’d like the rss feed url.

2. Copy the User ID

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4 Ways Tint Adds Value to Any Industry

Whether you’re in the sporting industry, the music one, or any in between, Tint could be a very valuable tool to use for your business or blog. It works by connecting to your social media platforms, so you can interact and engage with your followers much easier. Aggregate your social media platforms and imbed them within your website quickly and easily.

Here are some of the ways all this adds value

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7 Shocking Stats & Trends About the Internet in 2013 [INFOGAPHIC]

When I saw the stats in today’s infographic I was like “WHAT?!?!”

For one, I was really surprised that the Chinese site Alibaba does more sales than Amazon and Ebay Combined! I’ve actually looked through Alibaba and tried to find things I need on there from time to time, but I’ve never actually made a purchase.

Asians make up a huge population of the world, South Korea

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Top Ten Social Media Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

This is a guest post by Roy Fernandez.

Social media promotion is certainly the preeminent viral marketing method currently due to its tremendous positive impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you’re looking to quickly enhance your search engine rating, you would do well to adopt the ensuing 10 social media tactics forthwith:

1. Harness Newer Approaches

Social media promotion, like all modern marketing concepts

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How to Get More Traffic to Your YouTube Channel

This is a guest post by Kay.

YouTube is a great tool for promoting your blog or website — or it can be a great way to make money all by itself. Creating videos that go viral can help you drive traffic back to your website, helping you to increase sales. Even if you don’t have a blog or website, you can create a YouTube channel and sell advertising or affiliate products.

Finding ways to

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5 Reasons Why YouTube Marketing Is a Must for Your Business, Plus 5 YouTube Tips

This is a guest post by Celina.

The YouTube craze is as cliché already as it can go, but ever thought about using that awesome video posting and viewing website for your business marketing activities? In this article, we will have a good overview of what YouTube is, and why and how you should take advantage of this technology for that exposure you so much desire!

History of YouTube

Let us take a brief

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YouTube Is Not The Only Video Site

Blog and Retire Case Study Update Week 28

Click here if you have no clue what the Blog and Retire Case Study is, and catch up.

What’s in it, and What did I do?

Week 28 focuses on the video site I previously suggested creating videos for your blog and uploading them to YouTube. Embed the video into your blog post, put a link to your blog post in the video description, and you can also put the link to your video in your blog post.

Well YouTube is not the only video

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